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Leave your legacy behind in a child of Sierra Leone

GWB Legacy Campaign

Sierra Leone and our people are in need and it is time that we as Sierra Leoneans come together and show our true resilience through action. The GWB Commission, in conjunction with EngAyde, is launching our “Legacy Campaign” – a campaign to mobilize the Sierra Leonean diaspora and friends in support of organizations on the ground benefitting Sierra Leonean orphans affected by Ebola. We are asking you to leave your legacy behind in a child of Sierra Leone – their future.

  • Your donations will buy clothes, bedding, and food for Ebola orphans.
  • You will support reunification of those children with extended family.
  • You will support those families with business advice and grants, helping them sustain their livelihood.

Our Time is Now.



Street Child

Street Child




Total number of orphans losing at least their primary caregiver to Ebola


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Show Your Patriotism Through Action

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GWB Legacy Donate Today

Donate Today

With the GWB Legacy Campaign supported by EngAyde, you can show your patriotism by leaving your legacy behind in a child of Sierra Leone. More than 30,000 children in Sierra Leone have already lost one or more of their primary caregivers to Ebola, and that number is growing daily. Please consider donating using the links below.

Funds raised will go towards  vetted, trusted and respected organizations that holistically addresses the welfare, protection and psychosocial support for children orphaned by Ebola. A clear blue print for accountability will be set ensuring that every penny is accounted for.


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